These Neighbors Often Mistreat The Poor Cat, And This Is How The Neighbors Avenge The Cat!

Our neighbor has a very bad habit. They often have the pleasure of throwing their pet cat Tishka out the door. At first, I thought they were just teaching the cat to walk, and then I realized that this was a punishment for some misbehavior. The scared cat sat at the door for several hours. Whenever the cat meows or scratches at the door, it immediately receives a broom from the owner.

I felt sorry for the poor cat and decided to teach these neighbors a lesson if they continued to abuse the cat. One day, when I came home from work tired and angry, I ran into the poor, often abused cat in the hallway. As usual, with a sad expression, the faithful cat sat at the door of its owner’s house and asked for forgiveness.

I don’t know what the cat did, but it’s usually the little things that cats play with all the time. Dropping something or scratching the owner’s hand while playing, is not worth torturing it. Seeing me, the cat Tishka stood up and cheered. I couldn’t resist his face and smile, all the fatigue problems of the day somehow instantly disappeared.



I held Tishka in my arms and watched him rub against my coat, realizing that it was time to teach cruel pet owners a valuable lesson. He put in the key and opened the door, taking Tishka into his apartment.

“I know you’ll bring it here sooner or later…” my wife sighed when she saw me with the cat.

“It’s strange that you think I didn’t bring it home sooner,” I grin back and take off my shoes, carry the poor cat guy into the kitchen, pour milk for the cat, and give him a piece of fish.

Tishka ate everything with delight and felt comfortable in this new home, jumping into my arms again. The next day was a day off, and within a few hours, I was awakened by the screams of the neighbors in the yard. They went with the whole family to find the missing cat. They called the cat home and promised it lots of sweets and promised not to mistreat the cat again.



But Tishka continued to sit in my arms, the cat sitting next to my computer. It refused to leave our apartment, and I was in no hurry to return it to its cruel owners.

Chances are, I’ll be accused of theft, and when it all comes out, I probably won’t get away with a scandal. But, I think this is too cheap a price to pay for the happiness of this affectionate and kind cat who simply doesn’t know how to please his owner. It will live the rest of its life with my family and no longer suffer gratuitous beatings from its former owner

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