This Artist Uses 3D Embroidery Technique to Make Wings Look Like They Could Fly Right Off the Fabric

There are many ways to celebrate the beauty of the world. When one feels inspired all the energy goes towards fulfilling that soul inspiration. However, people have different ways to express their inner stimulation, and the artist we are going to tell you about has chosen the art of painting in stitches. Megan Zaniewski is an artist who embodies various insects from bees bugs and butterflies but not only. She also includes other animals like ducks, swans, birds, and fish. Her technique is unique she hand-crafts her designs using myriad ways including padding wiring and other strand methods to create 3d effects that look like they are bursting out of the cloth.

Earthwonders contacted Megan itself and as asked about her background as an artist she stated: “I am a self-taught hand embroidery artist who uses realistic thread-painting and stump-work (3- dimensional) techniques to bring animal subjects into life-like detail and animation. I am fascinated by all animals and have embroidered over 60 different species in the past 2 years.

Additionally, Megan told Earthwonders what inspires her the most and no surprise insects have always been a part of her life; “Insects are among my favorite subjects to embroider because I admire their humble yet important status and their surprisingly complex forms. These small creatures are so often overlooked or even regarded as pests, and I enjoy the challenge of highlighting their beauty in larger-than-life 3-dimensional embroidered detail”

Using the stump-work technique she creates the wings using a wire framework, cuts the pieces, and then secures them to a flat base. The body of the insect is usually created using thread-painting techniques, blending various colors of fine single-stranded thread with small stitches of varying length. I also incorporate three-dimensional embroidery stitches like Turkey work to add texture and height to their bodies.

Info Tab- Megan Zaniewski- Instagram

1. Embroidered insect-inspired design with three-dimensional wings.

For various bugs and flying insects, she highlights their body and forms with rainbow threads of shimmering metallic fabrics to match each and one of the insect’s wings and forms.

The wings turn out to be pretty realistic like a flying bug is really landing on the surface of the canvas. Indeed, a very beautiful way to decorate our house walls. Anything handcrafted should be appreciated and loved, especially if they are made masterfully with so much delicacy and taste.

After you make sure you saw all the photos displayed below don’t forget to check Megan’s Instagram and support her work.

2. She hand-crafts her designs using various strand methods in order to create 3d effects that look like they are bursting out of the cloth.


4. She has embroidered over 60 different species in the past 2 years.


6. Rainbow Wings-dragonfly










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