This Cat Is A Victim Of Man’s Irresponsible Attitude Toward Animals! And This Cat Was Abandoned By Its Owner For Silly Reasons!

This cat is a victim of man’s irresponsible attitude towards animals. Perhaps he damaged furniture or scratched someone in the family, or maybe the cat’s owner died, and loved ones decided not to bother with the cat and abandoned it. We don’t know the reason, but we do know the result – the cat’s life is almost over on the street, it lives in the basement and eats leftovers it’s hard to find.

Residents of the house where people live are not satisfied with the appearance of the newly arrived cat. The cat looked not only ungroomed but sickly. In addition to being thin, its plumage was shriveled, his skin visible through its skin, wrinkled with age, and underweight.



The characteristic flattened snout of this cat breed is warped, and the fangs protrude, making people feel fear and disgust when seeing it. Only a woman feeding cats in the garden decided to take pity on the animal and take it to the clinic. The veterinarian immediately identified the cat’s severe exhaustion and dehydration, in addition to skin problems and the presence of parasites in the cat’s body.



The diagnostic results also revealed that the cat had anemia, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and worms. Our volunteer helped us foster this cat for a while for treatment. During the recovery, the woman brought the cat to her. She named the newcomer Nafanya and gave the cat a private corner in the apartment.



Above all, the cat loves to sleep at the woman’s house, at such times lying on the soft blanket, in its eyes there is always a ray of hope that sooner or later, humans will also learn to love animals. object, and eventually there will still be someone to love and pamper it.

It is afraid that one day it will still be on the street, on the verge of starving to death if no one cares. Fortunately, about a month later, a kind family adopted him and gave him a new home!

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