This Cat Is Laying Down, Sad In The Rain And Watching Passersby Looking… Begging For Help!

This homeless cat roamed the streets and collected scraps, looking at all the passers-by with his sad look. His sad eyes showed how much he needed simple care and love. This homeless cat with a sad look immediately seemed special to passers-by.

His neck was covered with strange injuries, and in some places, there was no hair at all, and where it was sticking out in different directions. The poor fellow wandered the streets of the town of Christchurch in New Zealand.



Seeing him, people immediately decided to help. So, the 5-year-old cat, who received the nickname Thomas, ended up in a local SPCA shelter. The realities of life on the street made the cat a little aggressive and shy. However, behind his incredulous air was a kind being who simply needed love.



When the cat recovered a little and got used to people, they began to look for owners for him. The shelter staff was worried that it would take a long time to find a family for the sad cat. But everything turned out to be much faster. After seeing photos of Thomas online, one woman immediately wrote to the shelter.



A woman named Catherine immediately drew attention to the cat: “At first I thought he was about ten years old. It turned out that I was wrong, but he looked so sad and shabby compared to the others that I decided I should take him,” – the woman writes. So, Thomas found his home.

After some time, the owners took him to their place and gradually began to get acquainted. At first, Thomas was worried and afraid of the new environment – but his new owners did everything so that he would soon get used to it. He just needed time.



A few weeks later, the situation has already changed. Thomas felt much more comfortable in his new home and communicated calmly with the owners.  Time passed, and today six months have passed since the moment the cat got a home. Now, this is a completely different Thomas – cheerful, affectionate, and not at all sad!



Thomas’s coat has grown back, he has gained weight, and has become very sociable and affectionate. He loves to spend time next to the owners, and they do not have a soul in him.

Thanks for the rescue!



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