This Cat May Have Been Forgotten By The Owner To Feed?!!!

The moment the cat stood up straight with both hands clinging to the net to reveal the clump of milk begging made many people laugh and feel pity, a cute moment like this, how could anyone not love it?



Anyone who has ever had a pet will find these little cats very greedy, just seeing you eat and drink where they will immediately run up and stare at you with worthy eyes. Love makes you feel sorry for yourself



Recently, netizens were delighted with the cute moment when the cat asked its owner to eat shared by a user named T.G on his personal page. He said this cat he raised had a very glutton for a while, just doing whatever he’s doing but if he’s open to being eaten, it will look up and see. Moreover, in your house, all the rules of education are very rigorous. Pets in the house never steal food and do not touch them without the owner’s permission



So every time the cat sees the owner eating something, the cat will immediately run up to it and ask for it eat. I feel that my cat is getting smarter with the fact that it knows when you are. How does the owner start eating and living habits? As long as you sit at the table to eat is that it will stand over to reveal its lovely milk belly and point: “What are you eating, looks delicious, can I have a piece, it’s just a small piece!! i want to taste to try on”



Witnessing that moment, who can’t be moved, the owner of this lovely cat is the same, he still gives it a taste but doesn’t give it too much, but feeds it the right meal as well as the baby’s own food, because my family is very strict!


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