This Cat Refuses To Leave Her Forever-Departed Friend

Feeling lost is not only felt by humans. Animals like cats can also feel lost. Like the kitten in this photo, he feels sad and hugs his lost friend

Recently, a social network account named B.S shared a photo that made many people fall back and make people cry. In the photo, a dead yellow kitten, eyes closed with a shroud wrapped around a person lying on a table. While another cat seems to be hugging and kissing that lost cat



Looking at the photo, we can see that the striped black, cat’s reaction is very sad and emotional and feel very lost. The friend that I used to play with has passed away forever, thank you.

The feeling of losing a soulmate to accompany you every day makes kittens unable to keep their composure. The striped black, kitten repeatedly stroked the lost golden cat’s head with its paws. It keeps doing it, not only that, even when his family dissuaded him and said he would have to bury the baby, he hugged him even tighter.



The sparkling eyes filled with tears about to cry of the black cat hugging her friend, the bystanders around couldn’t help but be moved, such a wonderful feeling. Not everyone has it even humans. Witnessing that scene, many netizens also shed tears, a friendship great between two kittens. I hope you pass away peacefully and for a while, black cat It will be less painful

“Do you have the strength to see this picture, I cried”

“I love you two so much, I hope you two will be together for a long time in the next life.”

“Rest in peace, your cat will soon be less sad”

Pets are man’s best and most loyal friend, get along well with pets is the purest and simplest thing. When healthy animals surround us. Let’s cherish every moment with them, accompany and develop for a lifetime of people and pets full of joy and happiness!

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