This Cat Will Probably Never Believe That The Owner Has Abandoned Her, Still Waiting In The Mountains

A white silhouette. A cat sitting next to a tree, a pretty famous cat in this mountain area.

Grandma: The cat always sits here. Going around here, I usually get here at 5 am. The cat walks around even when it’s getting dark, it’s been three months since the cat has been around the octagonal pavilion at the top of the mountain. It looks like the cat is leaving. Maybe feral cat?



Grandma: maybe it’s a feral cat, I guess! Or perhaps it’s very kind. And it is known to have lived among the people of these mountains. It is a domestic cat so it will never run away!

As the production team carefully approached: Is the cat coming? The cat is not alert at all! It’s strange that such a friendly cat lives in the mountains.



Grandma: She hugged the cat and followed everyone. But in the end, it escaped from the stranger and ran away. Maybe it’s used to living here, it will be wary and won’t come with us if we try to approach it. I tried to bring the poor cat home, but it didn’t want to come with me at all.

Many people have tried to bring this cat home for fear that it may be attacked by wild animals, or without food and water and may die. But when people try to get close, it shows fear and runs away very quickly!



Dog owners: Cats will run away if they face large dogs. But the cat is not running at all, it just needs a little vigilance! For some reason, the cat can’t leave the mountain? The cat did not even leave his familiar seat and waited even in the night!

Hiker: Maybe the cat was abandoned. If not, why did she wait in the same place for so long? The cat did not leave the familiar place and did not leave this mountain. Everyone wondered when and why.



Grandma: It must always be waiting for its owner, it doesn’t take its eyes off the mountaineers that often pass by, to see if anyone is its owner in that group of people.

When will the poor cat meet the owner who abandoned her and she has been waiting? Wait till the end or what?

Did an expert pass by and say the current cat is about two years old? Expert: the cat girl comes close even after I touch her, it must have been raised at home. It has grown older or is used to staying with humans, it desperately needs love, but it cannot see its owner so it is always on guard!

Then why is this poor cat here? And for what reason does it not want to leave this mountain? I don’t think it climbs this mountain on its own, even if it climbs the mountain on its own, it will only stay here for a few days and will return home to its owner.



I guess the cat has left in a cage or a box, so he wouldn’t have directions, nowhere to turn because he couldn’t smell his scent! Jessica was just waiting where it had been abandoned. What can such an abandoned cat do if left in the mountains? Expert: animals are sad because they are away from their owners, not because they are left alone. No pet should ever believe that its owner will abandon them.

This cat never knows that its owner has abandoned it, so it thinks it just needs to wait and its owner will come back! Every climber asks the question: When will the cat stop waiting for its owner and start living a new life?



People worry about the cat when it gets cold. Wild cats can adapt to cold weather, but this domestic cat will likely starve to death if it snows. It is almost impossible for the cat to survive the winter because it has never wintered in the wild so it has no life experience!

Everyone discussed and decided to move the cat to a safe place before it got too cold and snowed. Everyone will try not to let the cat run away!

Everyone’s trying to save you, poor cat! Do not worry! Go ahead and live well, hope she meets a good family.



Parasitic diseases are very common in cats when left unattended, but I don’t see parasites in this cat! PD: Why is its belly so big? Everyone is curious!

He’s not obese, but I think he still eats a lot of food from the climbers, even though the cat is full. Fearing she might starve to death one day, she continued to eat in preparation for an emergency. The cat has endured a difficult life in the mountains.

Now it has finally returned to the city from the mountain it was abandoned. But her longing for her owner never goes away.! Wish the cat quickly finds a new life full of love!

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