This Cat’s Face Is Covered With Pus, What Happened To It? Can This Guy Save It?

A Los Angeles resident found a sick little kitten on the street and was determined to cure him, no matter how much time and effort it would take. About two months ago, a man named Santana was walking down an alley near his home when he almost stepped on something alive.

Looking closely, the man saw that it was a thin little white kitten, the entire muzzle of which was covered with yellow-gray pus. The kitten could not open its eyes and be barely breathe. What he saw impressed Santana so much that he picked up the kitten and brought it to his home, and then contacted his friend Jacqueline Delmore, who works in an animal rescue group.



“The kitten was covered in fleas and had a severe upper respiratory tract infection. The eyes were closed due to pus, and he was very weak, thin, and very hungry,” says Jacqueline. When Santana brought the kitten to the society’s veterinary clinic, the baby’s muzzle was immediately cleaned of a purulent crust, and he was finally able to open his eyes.



Santana has Stu the rabbit at home and never had cats, but he was determined to take care of the kitten while he was in treatment. Santana brought the kitten to him and put him in a soft bed, even putting a plush rabbit there. The next day, the kitten began to recover. He had a good appetite and the more he ate, the more strength he gained, and the disease receded.



“I regularly gave her medicine, wiped her eyes, and then let her run around the room. She behaved like a real adventurer. At some point she sat down and turned her face toward me and then I came up with a name for her. I called her Ash.



According to Santana, the first week Ash was silent, whether from fear or for other reasons. When she tried to meow, she came out with something very quiet. Most likely it was a consequence of her illness. Santana says that he is very proud to be a foster dad for Ash. After a few weeks of taking antibiotics, Ash finally made a full recovery and gained weight well. According to Jacqueline, she will be looking for a permanent home soon.

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