This Little Girl Loves Cats, But Her Parents Forbid Her, And This Is How She Shows Her Love For Cats.

Children often love cats, and even cats love children. But the daily contact of children with animals is not necessarily thing because the fur of animals like cats will affect their respiratory system, so many parents love cats but prevent their children from contacting them. Close to the children to ensure the safest.
Recently, on the pet forum, T.T.H friend shared a funny and funny story hurt in my family about a girl’s passionate love for cats but her parents forbade her close, and because the love is so strong, the girl has devised a way to love:



“This is my sister, she loves this cat so much, she hugs him all the time but everyone in the house did not allow the cat to kiss, so he covered his head with a plastic bag and kissed it. True that
“If you want it, you’ll find a way, if you don’t want it, you’ll find an excuse.”



Animal hair has high adhesion, they are easily found on sofas, carpets, or even on beds, mattresses, pillows, etc. Pet hair can be suspended in the air and when a child breathes, it will accidentally inhale them into the trachea, causing irritation and swelling of the respiratory tract.
For children with hypersensitivity or too weak resistance, dog and cat hair can cause acute allergies in children.

If your child has asthma, dog and cat hair can trigger an acute asthma attack that makes it difficult to breathe.



Immediately after posting this cute story and photo online, many residents of the network showed interest, laughter, and sympathy for the girl
“Stop bathing and clean the cat, but the street cat now lets you catch mice, go out”
“That nylon bag is recycled, maybe even more toxic than a cat. Don’t let it come into contact with the explosion mouth.”
“It’s so cute because love keeps stabbing me”
“Why should you shave the cat’s hair so it doesn’t breathe?”
There are also many similar cases because they love cats too much to ignore. Like the girl below, even though she knew she was allergic to cat fur, she was still determined to raise it, making many people extremely touched.
It is known that it is a friend named P.L.L, currently an international student. L. said, the fat cat in the picture belongs to the family, and is currently being raised by L’s sister, and the new picture was taken when her friend was on vacation to visit her family.



During those 7 years, she also had many problems with allergies and a runny nose, but her family only thinks of it as common asthma. After 2 years of studying abroad, there are no special symptoms. And when I return, the level of allergies and discomfort becomes more obvious, so it’s usually a cat allergy



“I raised about a dozen children, but they all lost them. This one is the oldest one,” L. shared
Regarding the previous times of raising cats, it seems that this cat friend has not only been with the family for 7 years but has also grown noticeably fat.
Then it becomes clear how great the owner’s love for the pet cats is, I hope that one day, the girl will not have to use plastic bags to kiss and take care of her like this anymore!

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