This Lovely Cat Has Been Abandoned By His Owner Many Times, He Always Uses His Hand To Ask For Help

Despite being rejected by the owner many times, the orange cat still reached out and begged to be adopted every time he saw a stranger passing, the story touched many people.

This is a cat Mayhem currently living at an animal shelter in New York City, USA. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the kitten has had to go through this abandoned situation. However, Mayhem still hopes that one day someone will bring the cat home.

Because he was abandoned, his brother wandered around and was eventually received by an animal shelter. Because of her lovely and friendly appearance, Mayhem quickly found a family, new family for me. But it seemed that there was a home, but then Mayhem was abandoned once again.



Despite being abandoned, Mayhem is always full of energy, so the cat is always looking for something to play with. The staff here bought him all kinds of toys and fun activities, to help Mayhem forget his loneliness and be happier again.

Every day, many staff at the center take turns playing with the cat so that Mayhem still knows that there are many people in this world who love him so much and also give him a real home.

Although he was abandoned twice, he did not lose faith in people. Every time when he saw someone passing by, he waved and scratched the glass to attract attention with the hope that someone would adopt her.



One thing in particular that the staff at the center like is that Mayhem is very friendly and quickly get used to new environments, especially places with pets. Immediately after posting on social networks, many people expressed sympathy for the cat and wished. I want you to have a real family

“Look at your loving face and leave me”

“The cat is so beautiful and smart that she would leave me. The story in America if I was in Vietnam, who would come

I’m back.”

“Where is the baby, if it’s near me, come and pick me up”

“I love you so much. Having you but leaving me. It’s stupid”

“I hope it’s just someone else’s story, but you’re as beautiful and good as this

No one is new, I love you so much”

I hope that one-day Mayhem will find a really good owner for her and will never leave me so I can have a warm home with true love!

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