This Online Group Is Dedicated To Adorable Cat Babushkas (25+ Pics)

Have you ever realized that Babushkas and cats have so many things in common? Like they both are always tired but would run inside the house with all their energy. Both of them are always grumpy but would make sure that you are ok. And they both will hurt you if they test their patience.

There is a subreddit that has understood this similarity and thus, is sharing pictures of cats that look like Russian grannies. This community is really getting popular and people are liking cats in this avatar. You can scroll down to have a look.

A Ukrainian Kitty In Traditional Garb For A Parade In Kiev

Babushka Cat

My Mom Made A Napkin Hat For A Smol Kitty

Such A Sweet Man

Maja Is A Good Looking Cat. Most Of The Time. But Sometimes The Derp Is Too Strong

Vintage Babushkat Wishes Winter Was Over

Watching For Her Husband’s Ship Returning

All The Confidence Of My Friend’s Cat

Babushkat In A Bowl

Someone Has To Take Care Of This Dandelion Problem

We’ve Got A Criminal On Our Hands…

While She Enjoys Her New Modern Life, Babushkat Can’t Help But Worry About Potato Crops Back Home


I’m So Disappointed In You, Human!

My Boy Wilbur Looks Great In Purple!

Mango Started Intensely Purring After She Donned Her Headscarf


Lovely Babushkat

Who Is She?

Watching For Her Husband’s Ship-To Return

She Is World-Weary

-12 Degrees In NYC So Rupert Becomes A Bubushkat

Babushka Does Not Approve!

A Smiling Babushka

Babushkat Plotting Death

Grandma Kitty


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