This UK-Based Artist Creates Dazzling Three-Dimensional Paper Sculptures Inspired By Nature

UK-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd builds dazzling birds, floral arrangements, and feasts from multi-colored layers of precisely cut paper. Her three-dimensional works are most often inspired by naturally occurring colors and patterns, which is apparent in the geometric shapes and layered textures found in her works’ feathers, scales, and wings. Recently two of her creations were featured at Milan Design Week as a part of a Wunderkammer curated by CASAfacile magazine. You can see more of Lloyd’s paper sculptures and design work for brands such as Asahi, Elle Decor Italia, Grolsch, Disney, and the BBC on her website and Instagram.

he artist reveals, “I find the greatest inspiration for my work comes from nature. I love the patterns, symmetry, color, geometry and texture.”

Inspired by both nature and the design world, Lloyd gives her paper art a modern twist by using a medley of eccentric colors and compositions. The artist even takes inspiration from contemporary works; for instance, she created a 3D paper bee influenced by Mary Katrantzou’s colorful Resort 2018 collection. Using layers of multicolored paper, the piece features delicately-cut gold wings, spindly legs, and a fuzzy body made from hundreds of tiny hand-cut triangles.


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