Unique animals from all over the world that will make you feel touched and smile!

“What do we want? Yes, only light in the window. ” The Lemurov.net editorial staff would add to these lines “And many, many cute animals!” Because it is scientifically proven – even the contemplation of adorable pussies has a positive effect on peace of mind and the ability to make the right decisions. And if the animals also have unusual features … see for yourself!

Puppy pie!

Bat on the drift

Wai from siriozli, huh?

I am an adult independent man! I won’t let go!

Respect to the doctor who managed to heal this baby

Real goby, breed “Watussi”

The Porcupine Cub is a Rock Star!

Who has not seen hummingbirds – that’s what they are

My masters have money for a plague groomer

And don’t try, you still don’t guess that this is a possum


Sleep like a wombat – serene

This miracle Yudo is alive

What a puppy, that’s understandable. A dog or a wolf cub?

Pig will soon become a mother

Work at your job, and I’ll sit here in a blanket

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