Unique Company Makes Punk Rock Accessories For Cats And Dogs

Adding personal touches to our pets can pack some serious personality, but the pet accessory market often forgets the alternative demographic. And yet, is there anything more adorable and amusing than seeing a cat with a mohawk? No, there is not.

That’s where Such A Punk Pets comes in, creating unique, colorful, and seriously awesome punk rock pet accessories. The line between what makes you giggle, what makes you think, “that’s adorable,” and what makes you think, “that’s badass,” is officially blurry, and it’s fantastic.

The personality, spunk, and pawesome photos drew us in and we just had to get to know the owner more! Check out our interview right meow.

How long has Such A Punk Pets been serving a community of punk rock pet families? We asked!

“I opened Such A Punk Pets in 2017 so for four years now. In 2018 I switched to selling on Etsy and that was a really great move for me.”

You can buy this small mohawk here.

I asked Jill, the shop creator and owner what inspired the name Such A Punk Pets. They told me:

“I wanted something that was cute and sort of tongue in cheek and that fit with mohawks and punk style and Such A Punk Pets fit that really well.”

Cat mohawks available here.

They continued:

“Originally I named the business Such A Punk but suchapunk.com was already taken so the woman who built my original website recommended suchapunkpets.com and Such A Punk Pets was an even better name.”

Feather Mohawks are available here. Smaller rainbow mohawks here.

With the basics down, one can’t help but wonder what inspires even a creative mind to make punk rock mohawk accessories for pets, right? We wanted to know! So we asked.

Cat mohawks available here.

The owner told us:

“I have been a theatrical wig maker for about 20 years and in 2016 a friend mentioned to me that she wanted her dog to be a punk rocker for Halloween and I said “I can make him a mohawk!”. I made that first one the way I would make a wig for a person and it was such a fun idea I decided to start experimenting with quicker and easier ways to make them and a rigging system that made them comfortable for the animals, stayed on well and were easy to put on. “

The Frohawk is available here.

Jill continued:

“My cats were 10 years old at the time and not used to wearing things on their head and since they were my original meowdels I had to figure out something that they would tolerate. It took some trial and error (and a lot of treats!) but eventually the design I came up with worked.”

You can get the large mohawk here.

“They made me smile and I thought it was such a fun idea and I knew there would be other people out in the world who would think so too,” Jill said.

Feather Mohawks are available here.

Naturally, it makes sense that the creative mind behind Such A Punk Pets loves animals themself, too! I asked about their own pets.

“I have two cats, a turtle and a snake.”

You can buy this small mohawk here.

She told me more about her pawesome pets:

“Dora and C.C. are 14 year old sisters. Dora is a Tortie with a good dose of torititude. She chose me and I have been madly in love with her ever since. She loves snuggling in the crook of my arm, peanut butter and her crocheted catnip uterus toy.”

The Zombie Mohawk is available here.

“C.C. is a dilute Tortie and our resident wild child. She is playful and cute as a button. C.C. loves snuggling between my legs, prosciutto, and her toy mice, and also licking my eyelids in the middle of the night! Such a little Punk!””

You can buy this small mohawk here.

I asked Jill i there was a favorite product ever made, because a lot of really cool things have been created since 2017! They said:

“It’s hard to pick one favorite but I think the Bride of Frankenstein cat wig I made for Farrah Pawcett last Halloween is up there.”

Cat mohawks available here.

They also said:

“Making wigs for cats has been an interesting challenge and I’m so glad Nudacris the Sphynx’s mom asked me to try to make him an Elvis wig. In addition to Farrah and Nudacris some of my other favorite clients are Buck Nekkid Sphynx and Clementine the fuzzy Sphynx.”

The Zombie Mohawk is available here. Other two toned and cat mohawks available here.

“I have a lot of Sphynx cat customers and love it! Hair on a hairless cat is a beautiful thing!”

Cat mohawks available here.

Jill also told us a bit about Myles, a special pup customer of Such A Punk Pets:

“One of my favorite customer stories is of a dog named Myles. Myles had a pretty rough life and was in fospice care through Fly Away Home animal rescue out of New Jersey. His mom, Tracey, bought him a couple mohawks and told me that whenever she put one on him he would start jumping around and acting like a puppy again.”

The Love Out Loud Mohawk is available here.

They continued, talking about Myles:

“She also said that he would wear them on walks and people would smile at him and stop to say hi and just give him some love and attention and that he loved it. It warms my heart to hear stories like this, that a dog who had a rough start got some extra joy and love in his life and that my mohawks had a little something to do with that. Myles has passed on since but I know he’s still rockin his mohawk across the rainbow bridge!”

Cat mohawks available here.

I asked Jill what has been learned from running a small business with a niche like this?

“I have learned that I have that I have the best customers and social media peeps ever!”

You can buy this small mohawk here.


“I started making the mohawks because they made me smile and brought joy and fun to my life and I started selling them because I thought other people might feel the same way and they do! I have so enjoyed seeing the creative and fun things other people do with them. “

Cat mohawks available here.

Jill also said:

“Running a business has been a pretty big learning curve for me. I love making things but didn’t know anything about running a business. Learning how to utilize social media and advertise, how to price products, product photography, all these things I’ve been learning as I go but it has been an interesting adventure and I keep getting better and better at it. “

You can buy this small mohawk here.

“And like I said my customers are so awesome! Their photos are fabulous and I’m so lucky I get to repost them.”

Feather Mohawks are available here.

I also asked if this was their full time job:

“This is not my full time job….yet. I would love for it to be one day! I still make theatrical wigs, though the past year and half was tough since that work was interrupted due to the pandemic. I was glad to have this business as a source of some income while that was happening.”

Feather Mohawks are available here.

“I really love when a customer has a vision of something they want and contacts me about it. Working with that person to create what they want is fun and rewarding. “

Feather Mohawks are available here.

Via Jill’s pawesome website:

“I make each individual mohawk by hand with love and attitude. I hope that your purchase of a Such A Punk mohawk with bring smiles and joy, if not to your pet, then to the humans surrounding him or her.”

You can buy the Americana mohawk here.


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