Vet Jump Into Hallway When Lambs Starts Busting Out Dance Moves

The idea of a lamb going viral may seem foreign to some. After all, what could a lamb possibly do that is worthy of a viral clip? They are just animals. Those who believe that the Internet has already provided then with every possible viral clip will want to reconsider that belief. This amazing video depicts one of the most incredible animals that we have ever seen.

Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center is located in Texas and they are the providers of this wonderful clip. The lamb is seen jumping and prancing. From the looks of the clip, the little lamb is in the process of dancing to a tune that only they can hear. This is one of the most hilarious things that we have ever seen. We cannot stop laughing and neither will you, once you see it.

Ursula is actually a pet lamb. Erin Dryden is the vet tech who is responsible for mothering her. She takes the lamb with her to work and Ursula is a hit wherever she goes. When she is working at the shelter, Ursula is always on hand to crack up the other animals and workers on hand. Ursula was adopted by her mother not long after her birth.

Of course, the two are now the very best of friends. Chris Kemper is the director at the shelter and he loves having Ursula stop by as well. Who wouldn’t want to have a lamb like this one for a friend? She’s kind, sweet and very energetic. She acts much like a puppy would in these scenarios. We are almost jealous that we do not have a lamb for a pet ourselves.

The video that you are about to check out shows Ursula hanging out with her pals at the shelter. Nina Allen is the lead animal care technician at this facility and the expression on her face is absolutely priceless. The pure glee that is captured in this video is infectious. We cannot believe our own eyes and we hope that all of you pass this one along.

We are grateful to Chris for taking out his phone. If he had not decided to film this one, we all would have been deprived of this classic moment. Please do not hesitate to share this hysterical clip with the animal lovers in your life. They are sure to appreciate this one.

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