“What Do You Say, Say It Again”.The First Time They Met, The Kitten Didn’t Have Time To Call His Father When He Was Yelled At Like This.

The moment I met this kitten’s father for the first time and his attitude towards him made everyone unable to stop laughing.

The image of being reunited with the family is often heartwarming, but in this case, the kitten probably received his first shock.



According to the content of the story, the kitten meets his father for the first time, but the two still do not recognize each other. The father cat was skeptical about whether it was his baby or not, so he ignored the kitten for a while.

The father cat still suspects that this cat is not his biological child, and the kitten is quite scared and is frozen for a while.



After a while, the father cat immediately yelled at his son to show his authority and let the kitten know how fierce his father is.

The kitten’s reaction looks pitiful but still funny. Seems like his soul has lost its way.

The father cat took the opportunity to try to scare the kitten, it came closer and continued to scream at the kitten, making everyone watching laugh.



The kitten’s reaction after that remained unchanged, round eyes and an expressionless face. After being posted on social networks, the image of the cat’s father and son immediately received tens of thousands of likes and comments.

Many netizens showed great interest in the cat’s actions:

“The first time I met my father, it was probably the first shock of my life”

“I just wish someone would pass by to give the cat a chance to get away from its father, but it’s so funny”

“It’s both funny and sad, the dad cat is so fierce”

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