What Happens Left Her No Chance To Survive On The Streets!

A small kitten with almost no eyes, lonely and dirty, trembled in the street, doomed to hunger and a constant battle for life. But he was lucky to meet on his way active and caring people who did not pass by the misfortune of the animal.

The heroine of this story, kitten Athen, caught a severe infection that completely deprived her of her sight.



The poor girl did not understand what was happening to her, how to get food, and where to go now, but she was lucky to be in the hands of the Dominic cat shelter volunteers who took care of her. Unfortunately, Athen’s eyes could no longer be saved, and the veterinarians decided to remove them.



The baby endured the operation calmly and easily, and after a few days, she began to purr and show playfulness. Yasyka got used to her new position quickly, and it did not interfere with her usual curiosity to explore the world and play with friends in the aviary. She accepted a new life, but now she still depended heavily on people who loved her.



Most of all, she loved to sit in the arms of a person, purr, and hug him around the neck with her paws. Caress and stroking – something that could quickly win Yasenka’s heart! Athen was born under a lucky star.



Many cats have been waiting for their owners for years, and she, blind and outbred, managed to do it pretty quickly! Athen became a member of the large family of Natalia and her mother, Tatyana Vladimirovna.



Their cats Tisha and Mars already lived at home, and they often helped the shelter during various charity events. Athen settled down in a new place, made friends with the cats, and now lives happily with her loving owners.



This is how thanks to the efforts of caring and kind people, a blind and homeless kitten found her long-awaited happiness!


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