What happens when zoo workers have too much free time

As part of US National Zoo Week, workers at a facility in Minnesota hosted a photo shoot that shows the fun side of their work. It is no secret that we all undergo professional deformation, which can take different forms, depending on the type of activity. For zoo workers, this is imitation of those they care about, and sometimes this behavior is clearly out of bounds.

Learning to eat like a turtle

Relax like a kangaroo

How does she hold it in her hand?


Smell my belly

What kind of games are they?

What is graceful for a seal, a person does … not very

Delicious branch

Everyone dreams of such a job

Professional deformation, just professional deformation

Real caring for your fellow man

And what is being fed to her?

They themselves do not understand what they are doing.

Who will refuse fresh hay?

Who will you lead with …

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