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What Kind Of Cat Is This? It Looks Scary! The Cat Became Famous After One Night!

Owning a strange cat makes the owner want to show it off online for everyone to admire, but in the story about the cat below, many people are startled and receive mixed opinions.



Like many other cat owners, Miss Alyson from Wisconsin, USA also wanted to show off her cat named Pixel online, but unexpectedly, her cat photos received many unexpected comments, even one Some of the comments are pretty creepy.

The reason is that Pixel cat belongs to the Cornish Rex cat breed, Alyson’s cat has a rather strange appearance. It possesses dark gray fur, a black face with large eyes, and ears that are always erect. Pixel’s bizarre appearance caused owner Alyson to receive messages from netizens saying that they were afraid of her cat, who also called it “weird cat”, or “demon”.



Among the most remarkable and creepy comments, Alyson has ever received is one from an exorcist. In early February, this person sent Alyson a message to warn her that the devil had taken advantage of her cat as a “puppet” to carry out its evil deeds.

This exorcist also advised Alyson to lock the cat in a cage and pray continuously in front of it to ward off evil spirits.



“There’s a cloud behind your cat and it’s a demon, it’s using your cat as a puppet, it doesn’t know how to use your cat’s body so it’s practicing by using his face”.

Ms. Alyson also admitted that she had been threatened by her pet cat a few times. But despite its “weird” appearance, Alyson insists Pixel is a lovable cat. It still attracts a large number of followers on social media.



Ms. Alyson shared the message of the exorcist, she said: “the person texted me as if to explain the reason why my cat has an unusual expression, many people also think that Pixel is “haunted” ” and it’s being controlled by the devil”. She’s also used to typical netizens’ comments about her cat, with some saying Pixel looks more like a mouse than a cat.!

Alyson still insists that Pixel is a sweet cat with a cold expression, it was born with that face and she is still happy to be with this animal. Besides those who are afraid of Pixel, many people tell Alyson that her cat makes them feel happy.