Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Cute Puppy Home, But The Photo Shows A Coyote And He Hilariously Freaks Out

Kayla Eby, a wife from Oregon, posted photos of her and her husband’s conversation about a cute little puppy in her Facebook account. After photos of the said “puppy” were seen by her husband, he tripped out when he found out it was a coyote. Kayla pranked him so good that he began text-yelling at her throughout their conversation calling her all sorts of crazy you could ever think of. Despite her husband being totally pissed, he still managed to be the hero of the day. Now that’s some real relationship goals. In the end, Photoshop was to be blamed.
Touché Kayla, touché.

It all began with a cute little puppy welcomed into Kayla’s home.

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