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Woman Captures Her Relationship With Her Two Dogs In 20+ Funny Photos

Have you ever thought about how life looks like when you are living with two dogs? If not, you are in luck because Ursula Aitchison, a photographer is ready to show you this thing. She has two adorable Golden Retrievers – Hugo and Huxley and she lives with them in London, UK.

Ursula regularly clicks pictures with her dogs and shares them on social media to show others how amazing life becomes with two dogs. She told us that she god inspiration from late great uncle painter Craigie Aitchison.

You can scroll down to see their adorable pictures.

“[Hugo is] charming, smart, and cool. He adores people which is just fine because everyone he meets adores him. He is terrified of balloons but has no problem barking at camels we walk past outside London zoo, ” says Ursula. “He’s a squirrel fanatic but too slow to catch them thankfully. I’ve never seen a dog love food quite so much as he does, he’s eaten crumbs that haven’t eaten dropped from my sandwich. His purpose is to love and be loved by all…and be the goodest of good boys.”

The photographer says Huxley copies whatever Hugo is doing. “His tongue is always out and he drools so much, it reaches the floor even when there isn’t any food about. He is super needy and he pats you with his paw at least 100 times a day for attention,” Ursula described Huxley. “He’s really clumsy and often walks into stuff or falls over himself. He doesn’t retrieve anything and I think he’s as smart as a bag of rocks.”

“Huxley adores Hugo and has since day one, Hugo tolerates him in return,” says Ursula. “Hugo hated carrots until Huxley arrived and he now eats them to make sure Huxley doesn’t. Huxley will always push in if anyone gives Hugo a cuddle, he is very jealous. They cuddle on my bed so they are best friends, right!”

“Find what your dog is comfortable with and make that his/her thing! Not all dogs are fine with balancing an egg on their head,” added the photographer.