Woman Shocked To Find A Box Full Of Discarded Kittens!

A woman came to an animal shelter in Texas asking if she could donate kittens. Neither the staff nor the volunteers noticed anything unusual in this request. But when the woman handed them a box of babies, people gasped in surprise! No wonder because there were 39 tiny pets in it.

It turns out that the woman found all these kids abandoned near the greenhouse in her yard. The kittens were of different ages – someone was three weeks old, and someone was already eight. Their health status was also different. Some of the pets had malnutrition, fleas, or diarrhea, and some were surprisingly healthy.



Of course, taking care of the 39 kittens was a challenge for the shelter staff. Then the volunteers told the story about the kittens on social networks, hoping for help. Soon there were ten volunteers who agreed to take the kittens for overexposure.



Just a few days after the woman brought 39 fluffy balls to the shelter, they all safely ended up in foster families, where they were provided with proper care.

Now the pets are recovering, being treated, and growing quite quickly. They are a little confused because of the change of scenery, but gradually get used to the changes in life.



Every day the kittens become more friendly and playful! When the kids grow up a little, they are castrated and sterilized, and then sent to the caring hands of new owners.

Thanks to the indifference of the woman who found 39 babies, as well as the participation of the shelter staff and kind people, all the crumbs are alive and well. Thank you!



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