Worried To Rescue the Cat Who Is About to Fall Into the River!

In early July, Robert Jesy, a resident of South Carolina (USA), and his family rowed on boats in Beaufort County. As they swam to McTeer Bridge, they noticed something light and small on one of the bridge’s pillars at the water’s edge. They thought it was an octopus or something. They decided to take a closer look and then realized that it was a small kitten trying to hold on to not fall into the water.

The cat, drenched and barely able to hold out, grasped the seashells at the bottom of the stands with its claws. Can’t believe he’s still clinging to it and hasn’t fallen into the water yet. Robert Jesy said: ‘It was clinging to the shell and at first, I thought it was an orange octopus or a crab. I told my son I needed to get closer and see what he was.”

We were all shocked when we saw this little kitten. The kitten is shivering from the cold and looks very scared. When he saw everyone, he started meowing as if he wanted to ask for help. Jesy’s family brought the found kitten and then took it to the veterinary clinic. They examined the kitten. It is about six weeks old and apart from just a few scratches, the kitten is in good condition.

Jessie’s family decided to keep the kitten, they named it McTeer after the bridge. After a few weeks, the kitten has settled into Jessie’s home and enjoys being in everyone’s arms. The cat is full of love, very sweet, and full of energy. He always wants to be close to people, very affectionate.


And the cat seems to love people so much, it seeks optimism from any guest who comes to our house. According to Robert Jesy, the kitten likes to sit on his son’s lap and shoulder best. Before the kitten McTeer came to Jesy’s house, the owner’s house had another cat named Toby. This 11-year-old cat easily accepted the tiny kitten from its adoptive owner!

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