Wounded dog enters pharmacy and shows injured paw to pharmacist

This story has already traveled the world and shows how intelligent animals are and they know how much humans have an affinity with them. The case took place in Istanbul, Turkey. An abandoned dog entered a pharmacy and held out the injured paw to the drugstore, as if asking for help with the wound.

Security camera images were shared on Instagram and were quickly shared thousands of times. The animal was lucky, because the professional is an animal lover.

Banu Cengiz even leaves containers of food for stray dogs in front of the store. The dog came in, and was greeted with a bowl of feed, but ignored the food and held out her paw to the drugstore, who thought the dog was just doing the famous “paw” trick.

When he looked more carefully, he saw that there was a cut in the animal’s limb. The injured dog was quiet while Banu Cengiz cleaned and treated the wound.

When the procedure was over, the dog lay on the floor, belly up, as if she were thanking him. Watch the video:


Injured dog asked the right person for help

In the video, it is possible to notice that there are more dogs in the place. That’s because the pharmacy is known for helping stray dogs. Despite the love at first sight, Banu Cengiz was unable to keep the injured dog. She already has an adopted dog, and she has no space.

But in addition to providing water, dresser and attention to abandoned animals, Cengiz also helps to find homes for them. So, soon, maybe a family will welcome this affectionate dog who has already proved to be very intelligent.

In an interview with the website “ The Dodo ”, Cengiz said that he felt as if the dog wanted to thank the end of the treatment.


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