Wounded dog invades home in the middle of the night and ends up adopted

A family woke up to a mystery at home. There was a beautiful little wounded dog inside the residence, but no one knew how she got in. First, they tried to take care of her, and then they investigated the situation. The animal was treated by veterinarians and it was found that there was nothing so serious.

A security camera helped to understand the case. During the night, already at dawn, she appears walking down the street. The dog was injured, limping and desperate for shelter. He passed by the house, but then he returned. When he noticed that the door was open, he entered.

Shortly afterwards, another man who passed by noticed the door open and, worried, closed it. So the dog stayed inside, safe, at least for one night.

When the family woke up, it was a mixture of fright and love. They had already fallen in love with the dog immediately. So much so that after veterinary treatment, she was adopted. The man who closed the door was identified and the resident thanked him for what he did.

Check out the video, published by The Dodo website:

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