You Won’t Believe How The Sick And Skinny Kitten Transforms After 11 Months (kitten Rescue)

On November 14, when I went to the park to feed the feral cats, I met the sick kitten. The kitten has a high fever and is in poor general health. I check the kitten’s mouth and teeth first. I will give the kitten antibiotics. I carry a medicine bag with me when I go to help feral cats. This kitten is dehydrated.

I gave the cat antibiotics, but he didn’t drink it all and spit it out. I will now feed the cat and his friends cat food the kitten seems to be in pain.

He needs eye drops, the kitten lives in this cat house in the park with his friend’s cats, the weak cat doesn’t want to eat the wet food I gave him.



I took the cat with me to the veterinary hospital to treat him. I hope this poor cat can stay strong when the doctors intervene.

After a day of treatment, the cat began to have an appetite and stopped eating. I will give the kitten antibiotics after he has finished eating. My doctor and I have been trying to feed the cat a variety of foods to strengthen the kitten’s immune system, but it seems that it is still weak and does not want to eat too much.



Since it was weak, I had to help put the food in the cat’s mouth because it needed to eat. A few weeks later, the kitten was adjusting to life in the panel-fenced area where I treated other feral cats.

Many people think feral cats are dirty and they say to me “why are you kissing them?” I told them, “Street cats are like my babies.” I have absolutely no qualms about kissing them!



After about 95 days. The kitten that was taken care of by me and the medics is now in better health and playing with other feral cats. After 132 days, the feral cat’s treatment was completely over, and it was completely recovered and very healthy.



I can’t adopt all feral cats. That’s why I help some feral cats every day, one day at a time. The feral cat I saved now lives in this big park with many other feral cats, who are here like a family.



The city government and animal lovers feed the cats here. I also often visit this park and feed them. Hopefully one day soon, they will be adopted by kind people and give them love

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