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You’ll Be Shocked When You See These Celebrities With No Makeup

4. Tyra Banks ( Top Model USA)

Tyra Banks remains one of the most famous supermodels in the world today. Every time she’d appear on our screens on her show America’s Next Top Model and her own talk show The Tyra Banks Show or even on the many magazine covers that she graced, she would always looked stunning. She’s still the envy of many even when she gives interviews today. All those times, Tyra would have a full face of makeup. That said, without makeup, she still looks so bomb. However, we admit that without it, her charisma is not the same at all. Tyra rose to fame as a supermodel but she has had some acting roles along the way. This would explain just why or how she managed to amass a huge fortune of $90 million. Let’s face it, with such an amount sitting at the bank, with or without makeup you will always have suitors lined up.